Prayer StationsTM comes into existence

Prayer Stations started out as a vision God gave to Nick Savoca in the early 90’s, and since then almost a thousand Prayer Stations have been sent out across the globe.

During preparations for the annual New Year’s Eve Outreach, Nick and his team were praying, asking the Lord what He would have them do as an evangelism strategy for their upcoming outreach in New York City.

In answer to their prayer, God very clearly said, “Pray for people on the street”.

“God gave us the strategy for creating and setting up a Prayer Station to invite people to stop and receive prayer for their felt needs”, says Nick. “From the first day, people warmly responded and many were ready to receive prayer and subsequently open their hearts to the message of the gospel. This new Prayer Station strategy has proved itself to be one of the most effective, powerful and disarming street evangelism methods we have ever seen!”


A Prayer Station consists of a table and tall red banner with the words PRAYER STATION emblazoned on it. That, combined with the aprons the Prayer Station workers wear make for a formidable spiritual force that can be used anywhere in the world. The full Prayer Station package comes with a training kit that you can use to train the people that are interested in taking part in the Prayer Station ministry.

We now have a new Prayer Station Flag available for shipping that makes it much easier to transport and have high visibility. Make sure to check them out in the Prayer Station online store!

New Prayer Station Flag Harvest 2018 - Prayer Stations
Prayer Station Volunteers - Prayer Stations


Prayer Stations are being purchased and used all over the world. We have the PRAYER STATION banner in 11 languages. Almost a thousand Prayer Stations have been sold since 1992. There are Prayer Stations on almost every continent in the world. Literally tens of thousands of people have participated in the Prayer Station ministry, which has resulted in thousands of lives coming to Christ.


“There were 14 on my team and we spent a total of seven weeks in New York, Prayer Stations being the majority of what we did.  As a team leader I cannot describe what I felt as I saw my team test the Prayer Station idea, tentatively at first and then with “gusto” and abandon.  We loved the idea of blessing people with prayer and the overall response was positive.  We were able to lead between ten to fifteen people to the Lord.  This has been a time for us to experience God working in others lives, but just as much in our own.”

“I am an executive businessman who normally does not get the opportunity to minister one on one.  These two days of Prayer Station ministry afforded me a unique opportunity that I truly cherished.  I had the experience of sharing God’s love with non-believers and believers alike.  We hope to get a Prayer Station of our own and extend this experience to our home town.”

“As a youth pastor, it was such a joy to see my teens giving and praying.   They didn’t realize that they had it in them.  I watched all of them step out in boldness and love to hundreds of lives.  This was great training and ministry for our youth.”

“Prayer Stations is an awesome way to open the door to share my faith.”

“The joy a simple prayer can bring to broken hearts.”

“On this day we had the challenge of heavy rains so we took our Prayer Station down into the subway station.  We prayed with so many people and some of them gave their lives to God.  During the time there were people literally lined up waiting to be prayed for.  It was a most wonderful experience which I will never forget.”

“I loved joining with people and leading them before God in faith, knowing His love was at work in us.  The Prayer Station experience was awesome!   Heaven opened over us at an altar on the sidewalk.”

“It was so easy, so many times I had trouble starting a conversation with someone but this made it so easy.”

“It was wonderful loving the people, sharing Christ with them and watching their eyes when they realized He is genuine.”

“I love how the power of prayer changes the whole countenance of people.  More than they need my words, they need a touch from God and He touches them everytime.”

We minister every Tuesday evening. People often approach us for prayer and we have become recognized by our Prayer Station.

We have people sitting in church, baptized and attending regularly from this amazing evangelism tool.

It was 10 minutes to 5, and our Prayer Station session was going to end at 5pm. I was walking back toward the Prayer Station and as I got within a couple blocks, I saw a car pull over in right front of our Prayer Station which was being my manned by people from Youth With a Mission. A woman and a boy got out and I could see them talking to our people.

When I got back to the Prayer Station they were excited, and proceeded to tell me what happened. The lady had been driving down the road talking to her son about her getting a new job and she was saying that she hadn’t got a new job yet, and that maybe they needed to pray about it some more.

Just at that moment they happened to be driving past our Prayer Station, and right on cue the young boy said to his mother, “Hey! There’s a Prayer Station right there! Let’s pray now!” So she parked in front of the Prayer Station and they got right out. There on the spot our crew was able to pray for the lady to get a job.

About 13 years ago, we (YWAM TAM) started Prayer Stations in Auckland , NZ. Nowadays many local churches, theology seminary students team, other mission organizations, very special street evangelical ministry teams, individual evangelist, DTS outreach teams from overseas and other New Zealand bases, and of course from our base include ESL students are coming and work together in unity and with humble heart.

There are countless miracles and testimonies of Glory to GOD in here AUCKLAND PS.

We use Prayer Stations several times a year at local festivals in our county. After a small county fair last summer we had at least three families & individuals visit our church and two have continued with us and become a part of our fellowship.

Prayer Stations are great!

Our Prayer Station gets used in inner city Detroit on random street corners and response has been amazing. We also set up a Prayer Station each Christmas season in the town square of an affluent suburban town during the annual Santa parade.

We have opportunities to pray with children and families, for sick family members, and also connect with persons of other faiths ….. they request prayer!

A haggard-looking man walked up to us and asked if we would pray for him. He looked like an alcoholic who’d lived a tough life. We prayed a simple prayer over him, and when it ended he looked at us and said “I haven’t had a prayer like that prayed over me in 30 years.” You could tell he was pretty excited.

Later in the day he brought his young son Andrew over, who was around 13 years old, and asked “can you pray for Andrew too?” I could tell Andrew wasn’t really into it but his dad was insisting that we pray for him, so we prayed for Andrew also.

Later in the day there was a drawing for three different bicycles and I noticed after a few minutes that Andrew was one of the winners!

I was walking from the stage area back to the Prayer Station and as I looked over to the side I saw the dad and Andrew standing by the bicycle he had just won. The dad beckoned me to come over, and as I did I could hear the dad saying to Andrew “See what happens when people pray!” and he was just so excited. That was pretty cool!

Tremont, PA

Prayer Stations have had a profound impact on reaching those who would not normally walk into a church. Using this tool has helped countless people in Yonkers, which is New York’s fourth largest city. We have prayed for the brokenhearted, helped those who were feeling crushed by sin and led many people to the Lord!

“It was absolutely amazing to see the people touched by even just seeing a Prayer Station!”



An Endorsement from Colin Millar – Igniting Prayer Action

“I have been teaching about experiencing the intimacy and joy of sharing Jesus through prayer over the last 20 years. As I have prayed one on one for literally thousands of people all over the world, I have had the joy and privilege to witness hundreds of people come to salvation, be healed, encouraged, challenged to great intimacy with Christ or just simply experience the presence of our wonderful Lord and Savior through prayer.”

“It is for these reasons that I absolutely believe and strongly support PRAYER STATIONS.”

“It’s what I call “PRAY NOW Evangelism” and is the absolute best platform to see God bring transformation under His power to one life at a time. I have served at Prayer Stations in New York, Houston and South Africa and find the experience to be one like being in GOD’S MICROWAVE OVEN of spiritual growth.”

 COLIN MILLAR – Igniting Prayer Action

Dr. Ed Silvoso, a bestselling author the founder and president of Harvest Evangelism and leader of the Transform Our World Network.

He is the man who coined the words “Prayer Evangelism”.

PRAYER STATIONS are one of the most practical expressions of what we know as “Prayer Evangelism” — talking to God about people in need so that you can talk to people about God.  Like “mini-“Ekklesias,” Prayer Stations are putting people around the globe in touch with the liberating power and presence of the Lord right on the street.   – Dr. Ed Silvoso


Prayer Stations was featured in Christian Today, an online Christian News website:

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) New York will send a team to London on 7th August to pray for the victims of the London Underground bombings last month. They are to offer comfort to the people of London through a listening ear and praying for their needs.

The six members in the team are YWAM New York Metro volunteers. They are originated from different countries: Korea, Britain, Holland and three others from America. They plan to set up “Prayer Stations” outside entrances of the Underground stations where the attacks took place. Three locations are confirmed so far: King’s Cross, Edgeware, and Liverpool Street stations.

After the terrorist attacks in London Underground, metro services across the world have upgraded their security measures. Especially in New York, the security forces have been tense regarding the threat of terrorist attacks. The atmosphere in the Metro station has become very anxious and there is anxiety among the citizens.

Back in 2001 after the Twin Towers were attacked by terrorists on 11th September, the “Prayer Stations” set up by the YWMA New York Metro became a source of strength and hope for New Yorkers.

According to official figures, 50,000 people were prayed for at the Prayer Stations until September 2002. Some people even come from various States in America to New York to become part of this unique ministry. Also, many countries have adopted the ministry such as the Philippines, India, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Singapore, Niger, Russia, Kenya and throughout Central and South America.

At the “Prayer Station”, there will be portable chairs, a table and a red banner which says “Prayer Stations”. People will promote the prayer stations by handing out leaflets, and people in the booths will pray for the ones who stop and ask for a prayer.

“We will be going to London representing the people of NYC to say thank you for all the support we received from Londoners during the time of 9/11,” said Nick Savoca, the leader of YWAM Metro New York, who initiated these “Prayer Stations”.

The New Yorkers, who have gone through the tragic terrorist attacks in 2001, probably have the same heart with London. With the warmest regards, the YWAM New York volunteers come to London to start the prayer initiative for the weary souls. From 7th to 14th August, the volunteers will spend four hours each day at each of the three underground stations.

Churches in London and YWAM London will continue with the “Prayer Stations” after the departure of the YWAM New York volunteers.

“By and large we do expect a warm reception [in London]. I think London will respond much like New Yorkers did,” Savoca added.

CLICK HERE to see the original column.

Statement of Purpose

Youth With A Mission is an international movement of Christians from many denominations dedicated to presenting Jesus Christ personally to this generation, to mobilize as many as possible to help in this task, and to the training and equipping of believers for their part in fulfilling the Great Commission. As Christians of God’s Kingdom, we are called to love, worship, and obey our Lord, to love and the Church, and to present the whole Gospel for the whole man throughout the whole world.

We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired and authoritative word, revealing that Jesus Christ is God’s Son, that man is created in God’s image, that He created us to have eternal life through Jesus Christ, that although all men have sinned and come short of God’s glory, God has made salvation possible through the death on the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ, that repentance, faith, love,and obedience are fitting responses to God’s initiative of grace toward us, that God desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth, and that the Holy Spirit’s power is demonstrated in and through us for the accomplishing of Christ’s last commandment;

“Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel
to every creature” (Mark 16:15)


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