Get one of the fastest growing and most effective evangelism tools being used today!
People need to be saved and Jesus Christ is the only answer. The Prayer Station ministry is dedicated to providing an effective way to reach people with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ using five little words…

May I Pray For You?

Everyone has a need... financial, health, relationships, careers and more. Taking the time to hear what someone is going through and praying with them brings a bond, a connection between you and the person you just prayed for. We fervently believe that Prayer Changes Things.

After you pray for the immediate felt need, we find that people are much more open at that point to discuss their REAL need, the need to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The Prayer Station ministry has seen much success and you and your church or organization can also experience it. Imagine providing this evangelism tool to the people in your church that are yearning to make a difference in your community.

Contact Prayer Stations today and see how we can help get you started.

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Some Statistics

There are Prayer Stations on most continents of the world as well as island nations.
Tens of thousands of people worldwide have participated in the Prayer Station ministry.
Over a thousand Prayer Stations have been shipped globally.
The PRAYER STATION banner is available in multiple languages, including English and Spanish.
Thousands of lives have come to Christ through Prayer Stations.  Five little words can change a life.


  • Prayer Stations are being purchased and used all over the world. We have the PRAYER STATION banner in 11 languages. Almost a thousand Prayer Stations have been sold since 1992. There are Prayer Stations on almost every continent in the world. Literally tens of thousands of people have participated in the Prayer Station ministry, which has resulted in thousands of lives coming to Christ.
    Testimony - Sarah L.
  • “It was absolutely amazing to see the people touched by even just seeing a Prayer Station!”

    Testimony - Nancy R
  • “There were 14 on my team and we spent a total of seven weeks in New York, Prayer Stations being the majority of what we did. As a team leader I cannot describe what I felt as I saw my team test the Prayer Station idea, tentatively at first and then with “gusto” and abandon. We loved the idea of blessing people with prayer and the overall response was positive. We were able to lead between ten to fifteen people to the Lord. This has been a time for us to experience God working in others lives, but just as much in our own.”
    Testimony - Paul M
  • “I am an executive businessman who normally does not get the opportunity to minister one on one. These two days of Prayer Station ministry afforded me a unique opportunity that I truly cherished. I had the experience of sharing God’s love with non-believers and believers alike. We hope to get a Prayer Station of our own and extend this experience to our home town.”
    Testimony - Michael D
  • “Prayer Stations is an awesome way to open the door to share my faith.”
    Testimony - Ezra
  • “The joy a simple prayer can bring to broken hearts.”
    Testimony - Julie B
  • “On this day we had the challenge of heavy rains so we took our Prayer Station down into the subway station. We prayed with so many people and some of them gave their lives to God. During the time there were people literally lined up waiting to be prayed for. It was a most wonderful experience which I will never forget.”
    Testimony - Valerie
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