In recent months new volunteers from the community have come on board to help. One couple in particular, he's Pakeha, she's Japanese, have really made a difference. After they started coming a couple months ago, she told her husband they should bring some coffee & tea. He agreed. It went well.

The next week they added some cake. It went even better. Then they started adding sandwiches. And others started helping.

The crowds - and openness for prayer - have grown substantially. Sometimes they're continuing long after our scheduled 10 pm close.

Reminds me of God leading YWAM to add Mercy Ministries to our evangelism in the late 70's.

I met with about a half dozen last night after the open meeting. One is from Africa, another Somoan, Japanese, Korean, and Maori. The unity, commitment, and love for the Lord - and the Prayer Station Ministry - was precious to observe.

Thanks for sharing this ministry with us.

Bless you heaps.  - David (YWAM/New Zealand)
It was 10 minutes to 5pm, and our Prayer Station session was going to end at 5pm. I was walking back toward the Prayer Station and as I got within a couple blocks, I saw a car pull over in right front of our Prayer Station which was being my manned by people from Youth With a Mission. A woman and a boy got out and I could see them talking to our people.

When I got back to the Prayer Station they were excited, and proceeded to tell me what happened. The lady had been driving down the road talking to her son about her getting a new job and she was saying that she hadn’t got a new job yet, and that maybe they needed to pray about it some more.

Just at that moment they happened to be driving past our Prayer Station, and right on cue the young boy said to his mother, “Hey! There’s a Prayer Station right there! Let’s pray now!” So she parked in front of the Prayer Station and they got right out. There on the spot our crew was able to pray for the lady to get a job. - Anneville PA
“There were 14 on my team and we spent a total of seven weeks in New York, Prayer Stations being the majority of what we did.  As a team leader I cannot describe what I felt as I saw my team test the Prayer Station idea, tentatively at first and then with “gusto” and abandon.  We loved the idea of blessing people with prayer and the overall response was positive.  We were able to lead between ten to fifteen people to the Lord.  This has been a time for us to experience God working in others lives, but just as much in our own.” - Paul M
“I am an executive businessman who normally does not get the opportunity to minister one on one.  These two days of Prayer Station ministry afforded me a unique opportunity that I truly cherished.  I had the experience of sharing God’s love with non-believers and believers alike.  We hope to get a Prayer Station of our own and extend this experience to our home town.” - Michael D
“As a youth pastor, it was such a joy to see my teens giving and praying.   They didn’t realize that they had it in them.  I watched all of them step out in boldness and love to hundreds of lives.  This was great training and ministry for our youth.” - Will F
“Prayer Stations is an awesome way to open the door to share my faith.” - Ezra
“The joy a simple prayer can bring to broken hearts.” - Julie B
“On this day we had the challenge of heavy rains so we took our Prayer Station down into the subway station.  We prayed with so many people and some of them gave their lives to God.  During the time there were people literally lined up waiting to be prayed for.  It was a most wonderful experience which I will never forget.” - Valerie
“I loved joining with people and leading them before God in faith, knowing His love was at work in us.  The Prayer Station experience was awesome!   Heaven opened over us at an altar on the sidewalk.” - Steve N
“It was so easy, so many times I had trouble starting a conversation with someone but this made it so easy.” - Laura M
“It was wonderful loving the people, sharing Christ with them and watching their eyes when they realized He is genuine.” - Latonya W
“I love how the power of prayer changes the whole countenance of people.  More than they need my words, they need a touch from God and He touches them every time.” - Danny G
We minister every Tuesday evening. People often approach us for prayer and we have become recognized by our Prayer Station. We have people sitting in church, baptized and attending regularly from this amazing evangelism tool. - Susan R
About 13 years ago, we (YWAM TAM) started Prayer Stations in Auckland , NZ. Nowadays many local churches, theology seminary students team, other mission organizations, very special street evangelical ministry teams, individual evangelist, DTS outreach teams from overseas and other New Zealand bases, and of course from our base include ESL students are coming and work together in unity and with humble heart.

There are countless miracles and testimonies of Glory to GOD! - Auckland NZ
We use Prayer Stations several times a year at local festivals in our county. After a small county fair last summer we had at least three families & individuals visit our church and two have continued with us and become a part of our fellowship. Prayer Stations are great! - John T
Our Prayer Station gets used in inner city Detroit on random street corners and response has been amazing. We also set up a Prayer Station each Christmas season in the town square of an affluent suburban town during the annual Santa parade.

We have opportunities to pray with children and families, for sick family members, and also connect with persons of other faiths ….. they request prayer! - Detroit MI
A haggard-looking man walked up to us and asked if we would pray for him. He looked like an alcoholic who’d lived a tough life. We prayed a simple prayer over him, and when it ended he looked at us and said “I haven’t had a prayer like that prayed over me in 30 years.” You could tell he was pretty excited.

Later in the day he brought his young son Andrew over, who was around 13 years old, and asked “can you pray for Andrew too?” I could tell Andrew wasn’t really into it but his dad was insisting that we pray for him, so we prayed for Andrew also.

Later in the day there was a drawing for three different bicycles and I noticed after a few minutes that Andrew was one of the winners!

I was walking from the stage area back to the Prayer Station and as I looked over to the side I saw the dad and Andrew standing by the bicycle he had just won. The dad beckoned me to come over, and as I did I could hear the dad saying to Andrew “See what happens when people pray!” and he was just so excited. That was pretty cool! - Tremont, PA
Prayer Stations have had a profound impact on reaching those who would not normally walk into a church. Using this tool has helped countless people in Yonkers, which is New York’s fourth largest city. We have prayed for the brokenhearted, helped those who were feeling crushed by sin and led many people to the Lord! - Sarah L
“It was absolutely amazing to see the people touched by even just seeing a Prayer Station!” - Nancy R


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