Prayer Stations
comes into existence
Prayer Stations started out as a vision God gave to Nick Savoca in 1992, and since then more than a thousand Prayer Stations have been sent out across the globe.

During preparations for the annual New Year’s Eve Outreach, Nick and his team were praying, asking the Lord what He would have them do as an evangelism strategy for their upcoming outreach in New York City.

In answer to their prayer, God very clearly said, “Pray for people on the street”.

“God gave us the strategy for creating and setting up a Prayer Station to invite people to stop and receive prayer for their felt needs”, says Nick. “From the first day, people warmly responded and many were ready to receive prayer and subsequently open their hearts to the message of the gospel. This new Prayer Station strategy has proved itself to be one of the most effective, powerful and disarming street evangelism methods we have ever seen!”


A Prayer Station consists of a table and tall red banner with the words PRAYER STATION emblazoned on it. That, combined with the aprons the Prayer Station workers wear, make for a formidable spiritual force that can be used anywhere in the world. The full Prayer Station package comes with a training kit that you can use to train those who are interested in taking part in the Prayer Station ministry.

Many thousands of churches, teams and individuals have used Prayer Stations globally, offering people of all cultures and communities the opportunity to be prayed for, and to learn more about the love of Jesus Christ and His wonderful message of Salvation.
We now have a new Prayer Station Flag available for shipping. The flag makes it much easier to transport and allows for high visibility. Be sure to check them out in the Prayer Station online store!
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