A haggard-looking man walked up to us and asked if we would pray for him. He looked like an alcoholic who’d lived a tough life. We prayed a simple prayer over him, and when it ended he looked at us and said “I haven’t had a prayer like that prayed over me in 30 years.” You could tell he was pretty excited.

Later in the day he brought his young son Andrew over, who was around 13 years old, and asked “can you pray for Andrew too?” I could tell Andrew wasn’t really into it but his dad was insisting that we pray for him, so we prayed for Andrew also.

Later in the day there was a drawing for three different bicycles and I noticed after a few minutes that Andrew was one of the winners!

I was walking from the stage area back to the Prayer Station and as I looked over to the side I saw the dad and Andrew standing by the bicycle he had just won. The dad beckoned me to come over, and as I did I could hear the dad saying to Andrew “See what happens when people pray!” and he was just so excited. That was pretty cool!

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