In recent months new volunteers from the community have come on board to help. One couple, in particular, he's Pakeha, she's Japanese, have really made a difference. After they started coming a couple of months ago, she told her husband they should bring some coffee & tea. He agreed. It went well.

The next week they added some cake. It went even better. Then they started adding sandwiches. And others started helping.

The crowds - and openness for prayer - have grown substantially. Sometimes they're continuing long after our scheduled 10 pm-close.

Reminds me of God leading YWAM to add Mercy Ministries to our evangelism in the late '70s.

I met with about a half dozen last night after the open meeting. One is from Africa, another Samoan, Japanese, Korean, and Maori. The unity, commitment, and love for the Lord - and the Prayer Station Ministry - was precious to observe.

Thanks for sharing this ministry with us.

Bless you, heaps.

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