It was 10 minutes to 5 pm, and our Prayer Station session was going to end at 5 pm. I was walking back toward the Prayer Station and as I got within a couple of blocks, I saw a car pull over in right front of our Prayer Station which was being manned by people from Youth With a Mission. A woman and a boy got out and I could see them talking to our people.

When I got back to the Prayer Station they were excited and proceeded to tell me what happened. The lady had been driving down the road talking to her son about her getting a new job and she was saying that she hadn’t got a new job yet and that maybe they needed to pray about it some more.

Just at that moment, they happened to be driving past our Prayer Station, and right on cue, the young boy said to his mother, “Hey! There’s a Prayer Station right there! Let’s pray now!” So she parked in front of the Prayer Station and they got right out. There on the spot, our crew was able to pray for the lady to get a job.

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