Prayer Stations recently attended the Youth With A Mission Leaders Conference at the Bonclarken Conference Center in Flat Rock, North Carolina. We had an amazing time of fellowship and educational sessions, led by Renaut van der Riet and Phil Manginelli. We had the opportunity to setup a Prayer Station and a couple of the new Prayer Station Flags for the leaders to check out, and we also had several cases of the new book out by Prayer Station Founder, Nick Savoca. 


By the end of the week, we had sold out of the Prayer Stations & Prayer Station Flags we had brought with us, and taken several other orders. We have already received amazing reports & pictures from YWAM Philly, who are using Prayer Stations to get many salvation and re-commitments to Christ.


To learn more about Prayer Stations, or to order one of your own, please go to:

Prayer Stations has partnered with Band of Brothers in Florida to provide a location where the men that are enjoying an amazing weekend at the Masterpiece Gardens Family Conference Center in Lake Wales, FL can go to receive prayer and Spark New Life. We are excited at all that God is doing through the Band of Brothers as they focus in on creating true Men of God that understand their place in this world and can help lead themselves, and their families with honor and dedication to Jesus.

Learn more about the Band of Brothers:

Get your own Prayer Station today!

Busy day at the prayer stations in Philadelphia... 16 have come to Christ so far this week!!


Changed lives are exciting to see, and be a part of!!


She was smoking pot, but then received Jesus!!

Busy... we prayed with over one hundred people in one day!!

These 2 girls just accepted Christ with joy! We love the new aprons!


For more information on how to get your Prayer Station and start making a difference in your own community, call us at 888-686-5550

Join us for a special book dedication for Nick and Rozanne's new book, "Five Little Words"! Nick will also be available after to sign your copy!

Learn how 5 little words can change a person's life for eternity!

Nick & Rozanne Savoca are missionaries who have served with both Teen Challenge and Youth With A Mission for over 50 years. This book tells how the two dominant themes of their Christian experience, Prayer and Evangelism, came together to bring birth a vision called "Prayer Stations".

Prayer is taken beyond the closet and the church and into the market place where the people are. The story is told in a narrative format blending the vision and the visionaries.

Prayer Stations has become one of the fastest growing and most fruitful evangelism strategies of our time. Beginning in New York City in 1992 Prayer Stations has now become a global force on 6 continents of the world.

DATE: May 1, 2022
TIME: 10am

100 S Pennock
Jupiter, FL 33458

This year, our Annual Prayer Station Spring sale has been transformed into a fundraiser for our YWAM family in Kyiv.
Please join us in praying for their safety, and in giving to our brothers and sisters as they are actively assisting their fellow countrymen and women in this terrible war and daily crisis.
Prayer Station Inc will be donating $50 of the purchase price of any of our Prayer Stations directly to YWAM Kyiv.
Let's see the love of Jesus extended to our communities at home through the ministry of Prayer Stations and across the globe.

Read the exciting story of Nick & Rozanne Savoca, veteran missionaries of Youth With A Mission & Teen Challenge, with over 50 years of experience in missions.

Their narrative weaves the two dominant themes of their Christian experience, Prayer & Evangelism, and how they came together to birth a vision called Prayer Stations, one of the fastest growing and most fruitful evangelism strategies of our time.

This book will:


Endorsement by Loren & Darlene Cunningham:

“……You will be challenged and inspired as you read the Savoca's journey of seeing Prayer Stations established to encounter people in their times of greatest need with Five Little Words that have changed lives and eternity!”
- Loren & Darlene Cunningham
Co-Founders of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

Endorsement by Don Wilkerson:

“……This life story of missions work, as told in this book, can serve as a Missions Manual for present and future workers called to reach the lost. May many more YWAM'ers and others hopefully follow in the Savoca’s footsteps of faith, sacrifice, risk-taking, and as prayer warriors to “rescue the perishing and care for the dying.”
- Don Wilkerson
Co-Founder of Teen Challenge, Inc
President Emeritus, Teen Challenge
At Brooklyn, NY Center



Check out these images of a family doing a Prayer Station type ministry on the streets in Guatemala in preparation to receive their new Prayer Station. We will post an update soon!

We purchased a new Prayer Station - after many years of use - with one or more parts broken. So we got a new one after 15+ years of weekly use. We thought the old one had seen a better day, but hoped that visiting teams coming through might want to use it.

Instead, God put in on the heart of a Korean Presbyterian policeman and his wife, so it's now being used weekly in the Bay of Plenty.

In recent months new volunteers from the community have come on board to help. One couple in particular, he's Pakeha, she's Japanese, have really made a difference. After they started coming a couple months ago, she told her husband they should bring some coffee & tea. He agreed. It went well.

The next week they added some cake. It went even better. Then they started adding sandwiches. And others started helping.

The crowds - and openness for prayer - have grown substantially. Sometimes they're continuing long after our scheduled 10 pm close.

Reminds me of God leading YWAM to add Mercy Ministries to our evangelism in the late 70's.

I met with about a half dozen last night after the open meeting. One is from Africa, another Somoan, Japanese, Korean, and Maori. The unity, commitment, and love for the Lord - and the Prayer Station Ministry - was precious to observe.

Thanks for sharing this ministry with us.

Here are some updates from YWAM Kyiv:

Update 1:
Thanks for your prayers. Been on the phone for a few days now. It's quite intense there. War is a different reality. I had hoped that the western nations would have intervened. Sanctions are not of interest to Russia. They are not materialists like westerns. That's another story.
Pray for our YWAM family. Some have left Ukraine a week ago. Others are driving now but there is terrible traffic. Crime is now increasing and it is not safe to be out. Pray that our staff can get across the border to Poland or Hungary. Many have families with small children. They are sad to leave but know it's right. We have some Ukrainian staff staying to minister to the hurting and watching the facilities. Some finances are needed to help them. Gasoline is difficult to find and food lines are long.
Some friends who live in the city apartments will go to a local bomb shelter or down the metro system. Some are sleeping in the apartment garage but the temperatures are cold. They are praying, singing, calm but concerned and heartbroken. A few of our friends are very ill and can not travel out even if they wanted to. We are praying for them. It's been difficult to talk with them on video as we feel helpless. I can not reach one young couple today where the fighting began. They usually respond immediately. Pray for their safety. Maybe the internet was cut.
We are getting reports that the Ukrainian military has had some success and are holding a line in various places. You will not see this on the news yet. It is early though and Russia did not expect such a resistance.
Update 2:
Thanks for your prayers. Yes, you can share.
We're raising money now through a charity we started with some former YWAMers to fight human trafficking. It's now used to help support various humanitarian needs. People can give through: The request for funds are for food, gas, travel across Ukraine and medical expenses. We could use $10,000 to help with immediate needs.
Here are some more requests for prayer:
Pray for Yeghor who is 23 and fighting on the front line in the Donbas area. He's just a kid, my daughter's age.
Pray also for YWAM staff living in 2 villages about 30 miles from Kyiv. They are quite frightened. Other staff fled to western Ukraine but it's not safe there either. Lines to cross the border to Poland are over 24 hours. Some of our staff and friends are still in Kyiv and watching from their apartment windows and going to bomb shelters when sirens are ringing. The Russian's are now bombing civilian neighborhoods claiming that the Ukrainian military are hiding weapons there. The Ukrainian army is fighting bravely. Sad that the international community is not helping.
Going to DC now to give Ukrainians the support but they need more Americans to call their representatives.

#prayerchangesthings #prayerstations #prayforukraine


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