We live in a world where the name of Jesus is being removed seemingly all around us. People are becoming increasingly indifferent to God and the prospect of going to church on Sundays. We are watching woke culture, gender issues, what will be taught to our children and more... things we would not have fathomed even 10 years ago is getting pushed into the mainstream.

What can we do?

We are responsible for bringing the power of Jesus' salvation to the people.

"Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to all creation."

God has called us all to be His witnesses. To share the Good News of Jesus with all those around us. But what is the best way for us to begin conversation with those around us about Jesus?

We have a solution.

In 1992, Nick was praying this out to God and He responded. God told Nick that he could simply offer prayer to the people as a way to start the conversation. Nick came up with the Prayer Station, a table with a big red banner that says PRAYER STATION that can be easily seen above eye height at a park, on a sidewalk, at an event, or any other place that has a large number of people.

May I Pray For You?

Using the simple question, "May I Pray For You" creates a very disarming way to introduce conversation. Most people have a felt need, and are willing to have someone pray for them. This opens the door to then have a conversation and pray for their REAL need... the need for Jesus Christ. 

Introducing the Prayer Station Classic

The original Prayer Station.

Introducing the Prayer Station Flag

Introducing the NEW Prayer Station Flag. It comes in 3 sizes... 7 foot, 11 foot, and the "can be seen from anywhere" 15 foot version, which can also have your church, ministry or organization logo and information added to the bottom. Contact us for more details!

Prayer Stations get results.

The results we have gotten with the Prayer Station has been nothing short than amazing. It is truly an anointed ministry that has seen success all over the globe. We now have Prayer Stations on almost every continent and in 12 different languages! 
We get testimonies all the time from churches, organizations and other ministries that have used Prayer Stations to minister to their communities. Peoples lives are getting saved!


“….You will be challenged and inspired as you read the Savocas' journey of seeing Prayer Stations established to encounter people in their times of greatest need…..”
Loren & Darlene Cunningham
Co-Founders of Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

“…..This life story of missions work, as told in this book, can serve as a Missions Manual for present and future workers called to reach the lost….”
Don Wilkerson 
Co-Founder of Teen Challenge, Inc
President  Emeritus, Teen Challenge

“….Five Little Words was also captivating to me as an evangelist not only by the wealth of quotes from evangelistic saints throughout church history, but Nick's teaching gift is on display challenging the reader to stay on fire for a lifetime of effective evangelism….”
Danny Lehmann 
Director , YWAM Hawaii 

“…..The story of the Prayer Stations adds to that YWAM history. You, too, can learn to live like the Savoca‘s. The secret lies in their ability to listen to Jesus and obey….”
Paul Hawkins
Founder, schools of intercession worship and spiritual warfare

“The stories and teachings of this book will build your faith, refire your prayer life and challenge you to new levels of involvement with the needs of people." 
Dean Sherman
Dean of the College of Christian Ministries for the YWAM University of the Nations.

Benefits of using the Prayer Station

* Easy to assemble & disassemble
* simple to transport
* attention getting look
* proven to be effective
* connect w/ local church
* disarming "May I Pray For You"
Normal Price: $495
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