Prayer Stations provides an opportunity for you to pray for people
who have a variety of needs, believing that God will hear our prayers
and act on behalf of the people we are praying with.

Our prayer of faith becomes a starting point
for us to share our faith.

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An Endorsement from Colin Millar – Igniting Prayer Action

I have been teaching about experiencing the intimacy and joy of sharing Jesus through prayer over the last 20 years. As I have prayed one on one for literally thousands of people all over the world, I have had the joy and privilege to witness hundreds of people come to salvation, be healed, encouraged, challenged to great intimacy with Christ or just simply experience the presence of our wonderful Lord and Savior through prayer.

It is for these reasons that I absolutely believe and strongly support PRAYER STATIONS. It’s what I call “PRAY NOW Evangelism” and is the absolute best platform to see God bring transformation under His power to one life at a time. I have served at Prayer Stations in New York, Houston and South Africa and find the experience to be one like being in GOD’S MICROWAVE OVEN of spiritual growth.

– Colin C. Millar
Igniting Prayer Action

Prayer Station Beginnings

In preparation for the annual New Year’s Eve Outreach in 1992, we were praying and asking the Lord what He would have us do as an evangelism strategy. In answer to our prayer, we clearly heard God say, “Pray for people on the street”.

As we asked God for understanding on how to do this, He gave us the strategy for setting up a Prayer Station and inviting people to stop and receive prayer for their felt needs.

From the first day, people warmly responded and many were ready to receive prayer for their felt needs and subsequently open their hearts to the message of the gospel.

This strategy has proved itself to be one of the most effective, powerful and disarming street evangelism methods we have ever been involved in.